The Green Vineyard Progress Report: Part 2

25 May

So we did a presentation of our website, The Green Vineyard, in our final class for semester on Tuesday night.

It went well – we got some great feedback and some good suggestions for things we should try/tweak (which we will attempt to do by the time we hand in our final report next week!).

I think our group worked really well together this semester and our website ended up looking great – we were very pleased with how it turned out.

If you’d like to take a look please click here.

Some ideas we thought would be good to help us increase traffic to the website in the future included:

  • Featuring a “Sustainable Winemaker of the Month” article each month on our blog. The section would be called “A glass of wine with…” and each article would feature an interview with an Australian winemaker who is championing sustainable practices in some way or another.
  • Holding regular “Wine of the Week” competitions. Each week, we could feature a new sustainable wine on our website and give a bottle away to one of our readers. We could link this competition to our social media pages, by requiring a reader to like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to be eligible to win each week. This could help us to both attract and retain visitors to the site, as the competition will be run a on a regular basis.
  • The Green Vineyard e-newsletter. We could create a Green Vineyard e-newsletter that readers could sign up for for free. The e-newsletter could be sent out on a weekly basis and could contain both content from our blog and some extra material.
  • Adding a “Winery Search” feature to the website. If we generated more content on specific wineries, we could look to include a “Winery Search” feature on the sidebars of the site, which would have a clickable map of all Australian States and Territories. Each one will link to a separate page with a list of sustainable wineries and their wines in that State or Territory.

Do you have any other ideas or tips that could work well for The Green Vineyard in the future?

If so, I’d love to hear them!


The Green Vineyard Progress Report: Part 1

9 May

So our group’s website, The Green Vineyard, is coming along quite nicely.

Thanks to Assignment Two, we have some great content up there, and we have been adding to that over the past couple of weeks.

One of the next things we’ll be looking at closely is user testing and trying to get some feedback from our readers as to how our website is shaping up – both in terms of design and content.

One thing we are considering doing is changing the theme of our website.

Here is our current theme.

What do you think we should try?

Why you need to think before you Tweet

9 May

I saw an interesting article this week about Archbishop George Pell potentially suing Twitter for defamation over a tweet by Melbourne blogger Catherine Deveny.

You can read more about it here.

Archbishop Pell has now dropped his threat to sue Twitter, but this is not to say that people won’t be held liable for offensive comments they make on social media sites.

As social media sites, especially Twitter, grow more and more popular, this is an area of increasing interest.

Yep, the way we write and edit our posts on social media is something to be mindful of – we need to think before we tweet!

TV Tweets: A problem waiting to happen?

9 May

One thing I’ve become increasingly fascinated by is the tendency of most news and reality TV shows nowadays to run tweets at the bottom of the screen throughout the broadcast.

You know the ones I mean…

Like this twitter feed on the ABC’s Q&A:









Now the reason for my fascination is this: just how are they able to monitor the tweets selected to be shown on screen effectively, especially during live broadcasts?

Well it seems I am right to wonder this.

Just last week, Channel 9 came under fire for letting a sexist and offensive tweet appear on the screen during an episode of the reality show The Celebrity Apprentice Australia.

You can read more about the story and the offensive tweet here.

It seems this is yet another example of the challenges of writing and editing on social media.

Are you following ‘Twitter-Quette’?

9 May

In the rush of learning all things Twitter, one thing that can be easy to forget is following Twitter etiquette rules.

That’s right, Twitter users have developed their own set of unspoken rules that apply in the Twittersphere. These cover things like:

  • How often you should Tweet
  • How many people you should follow
  • How quickly you should respond to retweets
  • And more

But what are all these ‘Twitter-Quette’ rules exactly?

This article from The Guardian explains them clearly and simply.

We’ll be sure to follow the rules on our Green Vineyard account!

What I’ve learned about Twitter for business

9 May

After doing a bit of digging, I discovered that there are a number of ways that Twitter can really help to promote a business or product (or in our case, a website).

For example, I just found out about Promoted Tweets.

Twitter allows advertisers to purchase a Tweet that is displayed at the top of all relevant search results pages on

So, for example, if someone searches for mobile phones on Twitter and you have paid for a promoted Tweet for your store, it will show up at the top of the search results.

You can also purchase Promoted Trends and Promoted Accounts, which work in a similar way to Promoted Tweets.

This does cost money though, so it’s not really viable for our project, but it is something to consider nonetheless!

There are also some (free) Twitter features for businesses that I think our group should look at using to help promote The Green Vineyard website effectively.

They are:

  • The ‘Follow Us on Twitter’ Button. This feature will enable us to put a widget on our website that shows a stream of all the latest Tweets we’ve made.
  • The ‘Background’ feature. This feature will allow us to choose the image on the background of our Twitter page (as I spoke about in my last post).

Hopefully these features will help us to enhance our Twitter profile and increase our engagement with our readers.

The Green Vineyard on Twitter

9 May

I’ve been having a bit of a think lately about how we can make the Green Vineyard Twitter page stand out, so decided to do a bit of Googleing.

I came across this article in my searches, about why it is so important to have an interesting and relevant Twitter background image.

I’m thinking of taking some of this information on board for our group project.

Perhaps some pictures of rolling hills scattered with vineyards would do the trick!